You must have cardio!! part 1

We recently received the following reply to our popular “Why Strength?” post:

If only strength metabolism is worked, muscle strength and power will increase to the detriment of the other metabolism (aerobic metabolism) as they are not isolated metabolisms, they work together.
If what is sought is health (and not only physical aesthetics) both metabolisms must be worked with a similar level of demand and thus balance oxygen levels and ATP production with which we will

maintain the ideal physical homeostasis for optimal performance of our body

It is a common mistake to think that strength training is bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is just one niche type of strength training as is powerlifting, cross-fitting etc. In this four part series we will address how our type of strength exercise addresses cardio.

It may seem too good to be true but our type of exercise (high intensity – full body lifting) allows for great cardio health. The confusion stems from how people gauge their cardio fitness. did you know you can build noticeable endurance in a sport like swimming and NOT gain a concurrent cardio effect in your running?!

Continued in part 2:

2 Replies to “You must have cardio!! part 1”

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  2. […] we alluded to in part 1 ( ) the basic problem is people don’t know how to gauge so called cardio exercise effects. Here’s […]

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