Ottawa Personal Training Services



We are Ottawa based located in the heart of little Italy (198 Preston st.) appointments begin at 6:00am. We have a full shower for convenience.

Please email for your personal training consultation:



WeFit – passionate about personal training and helping others embrace strengthening to avoid weakness, realize they are capable of reaching for what they think to be impossible and improve their mental and physical health to survive life’s little surprises. Our unique approach of personal training is set up to save you time and keep you accountable….you ARE your top priority.



Imagine exercise so powerful just once a week can change your life.

Based on the landmark book by Dr. McGuff ‘Body by Science’.


Once a week to full body strength.

Please email for your personal training consultation:


We are Fitness Clinicians™ registered with the IART (International Association of Resistance Trainers) a level above standard personal training .

Tierney: an experienced Master Fitness Clinician™ who competes as a natural fitness athlete with such organizations as the IDFA, OPA and various marathon organizations. Additionally, she possesses a complimentary certification as Nutritional Coach with and is now completing yet another accreditation in pre and post-natal exercise specialization.  With a background in biochemistry work and study, Tierney has a strong penchant for clinical procedure and exacting healthcare services making her a level above in personal training ability.


Andrew: a Master Fitness Clinician™ with decades of experience personal training and one of very few to have achieved Master Fitness Clinician™ status under IART founder Brian D. Johnston. As well, he has been a competitive natural fitness athlete with the IDFA over the past 7 years and recently completed his first Ultra marathon trail race. Academically he was three time IART Fitness Clinician™ of the year and has contributed a large amount of material to the IART works most notable the Zone Training™ trilogy which he co-authored with Brian D. Johnston.

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Your first visit is a scheduled appointment but carries no fee. This is where we determine your wants, needs and viability. During this time you can get to know us and our clinic and let us meet you. Afterwards we can share our points of view with each other and formalize a program. Believe it or not most people achieve max results with less than 1 hour of personal training each week! Find out about Dr. McGuff and the Body by Science answer.

 • Available 6 days a week by appointment.

• Personal Training 300.00 per month (@75 per session)

• 24hr cancellation policy in effect

We hold no responsibility for your health, and recommend that everyone seek the advice of a health professional before engaging in any fitness training.


 Here we explain the difference between our expertise and other personal trainers:

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Email now for your personal training consultation:



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