Contact: We begin all on-boarding of clients with a consultation. Email now for your personal training consultation:

Location: 198 Preston St.  Ottawa Ont.  K1R 7P9

Phone: 613.552.3178

Price: 340.00 monthly (that includes HST) for 1 weekly session payable in advance. 24hr cancellation policy in effect. No contracts.

Open 6 days per week by appointment only.


WeFit – passionate about personal training and helping others embrace strengthening to avoid weakness, realize they are capable of reaching for what they think to be impossible and improve their mental and physical health to survive life’s surprises. Our unique approach of personal training is set up to save you time and keep you accountable….you ARE your top priority.

Based on the landmark book by Dr. McGuff ‘Body by Science’.



We hold no responsibility for your health, and recommend that everyone seek the advice of a health professional before engaging in any fitness training.




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