“High-intensity strength training exercises are an effective and feasible means to preserve bone density while improving muscle mass, strength, and balance in postmenopausal women.(JAMA. 1994;272:1909-1914)”

“It appears that high-intensity resistance training stimulates greater improvements in some measures of strength and hypertrophy in resistance-trained men during a short-term training period.”

“Specific combined strength and high-intensity training in prepubertal soccer players for 26 weeks produced a positive effect on performance qualities highly specific to soccer. Therefore, we propose modifications to current training methodology for prepubertal soccer players to include strength and high-intensity training for athlete preparation in this sport.”

“Significant muscular performance gains can be produced using either HIT or 3ST. However, muscular performance gains may be greater when using HIT. “

“High-intensity strength training can safely and effectively strengthen lower extremity muscles in balance-impaired older adults, resulting in significant improvements in functional balance ability and decreased fall risk.”

“Increases in strength were associated with enhanced self efficacy and improved mood and well-being scores (n = 34, r = 0.30 to 0.53, p <0.05). High-intensity strength training added to a cardiac rehabilitation program of selected patients leads to improvements in quality-of-life parameters. These data, in conjunction with improvements in strength, strongly support the value of adding high-intensity strength training to cardiac rehabilitation programs.”

“It can be concluded that: (1) HSP70 was induced by high-intensity training, but not by endurance training at low intensity, and (2) there was a discrepancy in terms of HSP70 regulation between the protein and mRNA levels, suggesting that posttranscriptional regulation may play a role in HSP70 expression in human skeletal muscle in response to exercise.”

“We conclude that a supervised, high-intensity strength training program seems to be an effective means to improve muscle strength, cardiopulmonary function, and HRQOL and should be incorporated in cancer rehabilitation programs. Further randomized trials are needed to confirm the results.”

“We conclude that high-resistance weight training leads to significant gains in muscle strength, size, and functional mobility among frail residents of nursing homes up to 96 years of age.”

At our Ottawa personal training studio we believe in a marriage of scientific rigour and individualized coaching.

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