Ottawa’s most exclusive private strength training studio. 2 clients 2 clinicians max.

1 serious, safe, intense session per week. Real exercise stimulus – scheduled and maintainable.



• One client per room at a time.

• Private, client coded entry only. Not open to public.

• No clients allowed unattended, one client + one personal trainer.



Email to apply: fitnessclinician@gmail.com



If there are so many fitness choices out there why are so few people in shape? People will argue which type of exercise is best or at least which they think is best for them but the answer is simple:

“Very few people stick to an exercise schedule”

When people are young they tend to have more personal time and energy. As we age our time becomes ever more spoken for. When you body is young and your responsibilities few it’s easy to workout whenever and as much as you like. Eventually most find they cannot sustain a busy workout routine. You then lose energy as you become out of shape and have ever more excuses why you don’t have time to exercise.

What if we told you, you could get back your energy through strength? What if we told you, you can get this strength with less than an hour of exercise each week?

Once you separate out the “just getting up and moving” stuff from that which actually brings you back your younger body the time commitment becomes manageable. You don’t need a fancy gym or personal trainer to go for a walk or a bike ride, you need them for the tough stuff.

If you want to be sporty and active you need muscles full of energy. A strong body feels like moving. The thing is you don’t need a trainer to toss a ball back and forth with, you need a trainer who can prepare you with strength so you can play when and how you want to.

Exercise is good medicine IF you sustain it over years not months. A once a week high quality workout is sustainable. Our motto in this regard:

“It’s time to get real, it’s time to get strong”

“Maximum benefit, minimum time”










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  1. Mark says:

    I enjoyed your M5 review. I am considering buying a M5, if you were to buy this product again would you choose the m7 or the M5 again.

    Thanks Mark

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