You must have cardio part 2!

As we addressed in part 1 ( ) most people think you can’t just strength exercise, you must cardio as well. This misconception comes from comparing specific sport style workouts.

If you compare bodybuilding to running they appear separate. The thing is both are only effective for a tiny percentage of the population who are born with those body types. And even then they aren’t health centric but designed for sport and competition.

What most think of as cardio is just the basic human need to be active rather than sitting most of the time. This should be a daily thing and isn’t exercise but meeting the basic need to move around so you don’t fall apart too fast. Activity that makes you breath heavy won’t change your body but it will help maintain it.

It’s like water verses food. Food is like exercise which shapes your body as it fuels it. You drink water and keep moving for basic maintenance. You exercise and eat to build and rebuild your tissues. Water and activity support this but water and movement alone won’t sustain your health.

Continued in part 3:

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