You must have cardio part 3!

You may be starting to notice a difference between exercise and activity reading parts 1 ( and 2 ( ). Let’s dig a bit deeper.

You can achieve the supposed “cardio” benefits of activity with strength training or what we just call *exercise. You do this by directing it toward health rather than looks and performance. You aim not to just lift more and more and grow larger muscles but to build actual useable strength and stamina/endurance.

This is accomplished 2 ways:

1. You train your whole body during your workout not just a section.

2. You reduce rest time between sets and exercises to keep your heart rate elevated the whole workout.

It’s really quite simple and efficient and should be at the top of everyone’s health hierarchy. Once you have rebuilt better you can more easily be active and enjoy an active healthy lifestyle.

Part 4 The Conclusion:

*Exercise for health and medical benefits rather than to improve at an activity/sport.

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