You must do cardio! the conclusion.

As we alluded to in part 1 ( ) the basic problem is people don’t know how to gauge so called cardio exercise effects. Here’s an experiment which can settle the matter once and for all:

Take a cardio activity you don’t practice regularly. Say you run but don’t swim or bike then choose one of them and test yourself. See how far and how fast you can go.

Now for 2 or 3 months do your regular cardio workouts but NOT the activity you tested – then go back to the test activity and see if anything has changed. You will find your results virtually unchanged!

You see if your body doesn’t actually build significant strength then it doesn’t have new physical means for more speed and endurance. You may improve somewhat in the activity you practice but that is just getting good at and comfortable with that specific sport.

To gain actual health and fitness you must physically improve the tissues of your physical body.

Only proper strength exercise makes you fit everything else is just activity specific practice. It is good to have activities you enjoy and get good at. This keeps you from being sedentary but if you don’t actually exercise building and rebuilding your body each week you will not gain the medical benefits of fitness.

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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