Has Fitness been Framed?!

With plenty of extra time to analyze we have been chewing on the problem of fitness marketing verses health reality. The main issue seems to be exaggerated expectations though the severe lack of support from the medical community doesn’t help much either.

The mere fact that people think if you are going to be in shape you have to join an all encompassing “fitness lifestyle” is the problem. It’s as though having a basic workout and nutrition format is just for special people who want to live a specific lifestyle. Admit it…you kind of believe that don’t you?

Peoples general lack of strength and stamina as well as body composition problems has made this recent pandemic far more dangerous than it needed to be. There should be a statistical wake up call as a result but not likely and by and large we blame the way exercise and diet has been framed over the decades. Being “in shape” should be the norm not just for “sporty” people.

Join us in part 2 where we show you exactly what a healthy reality is contrasted with the mainstreams oppressive expectations and almost complete lack of healthcare support.

Part 2: https://wefit.ca/2021/06/10/has-fitness-been-framed-part-2/

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