Plants and People part 2

In “Plants and Strength” ( ) we described an analogy of strength exercise and a plants need to experience good air flow both for gas exchange and to build strong stems. The interesting thing is how close the analogy actually is. There are two key points:

1. As we initially said there are different types of plants like different body types in people. Everyone’s exact needs can differ slightly. A little more is good for some and a little less is best for others.

2. It takes surprisingly little “wind exercise” to make plants healthy BUT a lack of such will really hurt them. The same goes for strength training. Our personal training clients strength train for no more than an hour a week to gain all the benefits. Just like a plant doesn’t need to be blown over daily – strength training should be applied judiciously. The key is to keep applying it consistently over time…and keep applying it without fail.

Bottom line it is a bit of an individual thing but suffice to say:

“A strong breeze makes strong trees”.

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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