Plants and Strength

Plants, like people, come in different varieties with different nutrient needs but they also need the exercise of wind. Strong air flow like human exercise provides better breathing (gas exchange) but it does more than that. Without the bending and micro damage of air flow plants grow weakly and eventually become limp under their own weight.

You can think of strength training exercise like that. You improve gas exchange and feel the wind on your bones and muscles to avoid going limp overtime.

Controlled regular exposure to weight stimulates all of your systems and signals your body to be resilient and able-bodied. You flex and move against the resistance of weights like a plant resists the wind. The stronger you become the greater the gail force you can endure. A strong person then like a strong plant can better breathe and utilize nutrients.

Nurturing your health like a growing plant is important but without the regular challenge of the wind you grow old and weak. Choose to age and stay strong instead.

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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