Why Strength?

Why do we centre our personal training on strength and not cardio? Without going down a rabbit hole let us just explain it this way:

“If you exercise with weak muscles you have weak workouts”

Your exercise might “feel” difficult and challenging but that may only be the result of weakness. Physical exertion feels tough when you are weak and the thing is cardio won’t make you stronger. You will just keep repeating weak workouts over and over.

As we move through our 30’s we begin to lose all strength which we don’t use regularly. No amount of cardio activity will change this. As your engines diminish so does the entire overall effect of exercise. Things still feel tough if you try hard but the positive benefits disappear.

In the modern world strength training is medicine. It preserves our general function and the ability to get healthy through exercise. Careful intensity based resistance exercise is the single most important key to being in shape.

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

4 Replies to “Why Strength?”

  1. Claudio Colina says:

    Si solo se trabaja el Metabolismo de fuerza, aumentará la fuerza y potencia muscular en detrimento del otro metabolismo (el metabolismo aerobico) pues no son metabolismos aislados, trabajan en conjunto.
    Si lo que se busca es salud (y no solo estética física) se deben trabajar ambos metabolismos con un nivel de exigencia similar y así equilibrar la los niveles de oxígeno y la producción de ATP con lo que mantendremos la homeostasis física ideal para el desemñeño optimo de nuestro organismo

    • WeFit.ca says:


      If only strength metabolism is worked, muscle strength and power will increase to the detriment of the other metabolism (aerobic metabolism) as they are not isolated metabolisms, they work together.
      If what is sought is health (and not only physical aesthetics) both metabolisms must be worked with a similar level of demand and thus balance oxygen levels and ATP production with which we will maintain the ideal physical homeostasis for optimal performance of our body.

    • WeFit.ca says:

      We completely agree BUT you can work both together. Simple by taking less rest between exercises, training to muscular failed AND training the whole body together you achieve a balance of both!

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