Tierney’s latest workout Part 1.

T isn’t big on being on camera but this is interesting so she acquiesced. Here we used zones and doubled up pre-exhaust sets to get at her habitual behaviours and promote balance.

It is a simple four part sequence:

1. Bottom kneeling cable fly > top of push-up.

2. Top of seated cable row > bottom shrugs.

3. Bottom of Nautilus LP > Top of pinned MedX LP.

4. Nautilus double shoulder side raise > OHP > alternating side raise + 3 forced reps.



The whole point here is to make her pectorals tired and thus more likely to participate in the push-up action (T hates push-ups). So single joint chest isolation to compound push.

Continued in part 2: https://wefit.ca/2021/03/14/tierneys-latest-workout-part-2/

Recorded on site at our Ottawa personal training studio.

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