Fat Fitness and Fact part 5

Fat loss means you are in a negative caloric state. While this is unavoidable for reducing unhealthy fat stores it must be held within a proper context. You should never forget that during a fat loss diet that you are only avoiding starvation because you are living off fat stores. Human fat is not a pleasant food source and is just raw rough calories to keep you alive until real food is available.

As stated previously body fat percentage suggests your true body composition. Body mass index is less accurate though far easier to calculate. In fact an obvious sign of just how complex body fat percentage is can be seen in the tools available.


There is everything from pinchers and algorithms to Dexa like bodpod scanners.


What we have found is that the greatest computer in existence…the human mind, combined with experience is easily as if not more, accurate. We can often predict just by looking at someone and watching them move just what sophisticated tests will show. This tells us that each persons underlying issues are highly “individual specific”in nature – comparing and copying is the wrong road to take.

Continued in part 6: https://wefit.ca/2021/02/05/fat-fitness-and-fact-part-6-conclusion/

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