Fat Fitness and Fact part 4

A female doesn’t tend to have a lot of muscle in general and neither does a male ectomorph, – trust us, we have and are in the trenches of the fat and weakness war as much as anyone.

What confuses and misleads people can be seen in this diagram of varied body fat levels.


Here there is no adding or subtracting of muscle and this is how people tend to look at fitness. We focus way too much on fat and not nearly enough on the lean mass aspects of our bodies. Just from a visual perspective consider that better developed muscles in the back, chest, shoulders automatically make your waist look smaller. Also consider that improved posture and symmetry have a huge impact on how healthy and vital you look. Your strength and muscle levels heavily and directly influence even your body language.

The key is individuality. Say you are mostly endomorphic and store fat fast. You can offset this with your ability to build muscle easily. This muscle then boosts your metabolism significantly.

Knowing yourself is more than being comfortable with who you are but also allows you to bring out your best. This makes health and fitness reasonable and it all comes back to strength building.

Continued in part 5: https://wefit.ca/2021/01/26/fat-fitness-and-fact-part5-5/

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