Fat Fitness and Fact part 3

Consider the body composition issue at large. We are all physically defined by our phenotype [ http://www.thefreedictionary.com/phenotype ]. This can be superficially broken down somewhat into three over influencing somatic types [ somatype: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/553976/somatotype] (endo/ecto/meso).

Some people are more apt to be thin and wiry while others are stocky and solid and in truth we are all basically a mix. Your ‘type’ depends on such things as bone structure and propensities towards gaining and losing fat and muscle. The point to know down to your core is that age and a lack of fitness promotes the less healthy aspects of these somatic types. That is the inclination to store body fat as well as be weakened and eroded by stress.

Muscle on the other hand feeds both fat fighting and strength generating qualities. Muscle promotes energy burning both during rest and because it encourages more vigorous movement.


Look at us…literally look at us in the various pictures on this site. We look fit sure but honestly we’re very regular folk. Lets break it down – We are female and male with the female comprised of (greatest to least) endo/meso/ecto split of about 50/30/20 a natural inclination towards being smooth and strong with fewer small structure/low body fat characteristics. The male is ecto/endo/meso at about 40/40/20. The influence of wiry structure is as great as that to be smooth higher body fat. The strength and muscle influence is there as a male but far from dominant.

If you don’t see this then it is a testament to our fitness abilities. That is as we have worked to off set weakness and fat gain by concentrating on building and maintain strength…lean muscle. We both face and have faced the massive shift towards endo influenced fat gain as we age. Everyone does and we have both tried everything under the sun to combat this effect! The biggest positive influence in this fight? Muscle , plain and simple, lean muscle.

Continued in part 4: https://wefit.ca/2021/01/26/fat-fitness-and-fact-part-4/

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