Fat Fitness and Fact part 2

We are human and share characteristics as well as sharing commonalities with others of similar body type but to truly affect fitness we must start with the individual. You must also understand that what you need is to bring out your best characteristics to feel your best.

How you look will reflect your overall health but only within an honest, proper context.

Now on to the practical stuff – how we look is heavily influenced by one very special aspect of fitness. This part drives and influences everything about our health inside and out. It is where fitness begins and ends. It gives you endurance and strength helps protect you against the stress of life.


Lean Muscle

You rely on it to drive your entire system and it actively drives the body to stay fit. It urges your metabolism to healthy levels. It draws from all your bodily resources stimulating your system to be and stay healthy and vital. By adding more, your body fat percentage comes down even without fat loss!

Muscle works your bones and connective tissue to make them dense and resilient. It is your engine of mobility and functionality. It demands circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients from your cardiopulmonary system. Your muscles are literally the engines of your life.


Continued in part 3: https://wefit.ca/2021/01/26/fat-fitness-and-fact-part-3/

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