Imaging Yourself

Many of you understand that body image is easily confused with body composition. Your actual physical make up can be obfuscated by your natural, genetic predisposition. In other words, how you look doesn’t necessarily represent your body fat percentage or body mass index. The issue of look is very – very confusing because on the one hand it seems to lie and on another it reveals truth. Stick with this series and find out what it is all about.


Comparison…the thief of joy.

The number one problem is comparison. To make judgments on fitness and health we tend to compare to others. Naturally we compare ourselves to attractive fit looking people. We hear about how much they weigh and see them through rose-colored glasses. We idealize the human look by focusing our attention on the best qualities and are further convinced by usually only seeing such buff beauties at their best.

Then we compare to a 2 dimensional image in the mirror from eye level, both of which severely skew and limit our objectivity. Add to this comparing our body type to another with a different somatic disposition and your self image becomes heavily clouded. Your badly positioned, poorly lit photograph should not logically be held up against a magazine model.


Think we’re going to start chanting don’t compare just share or some such thing? Guess what…comparison won’t stop, it is an evolutionary trait and learning to live with it by understanding its proper place will make a lasting positive difference…

Continued in Part 2: https://wefit.ca/2021/01/26/fat-fitness-and-fact-part-2/

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