It is helpful to avoid the hype which much of the fitness world tends to engage in under the guise of motivation…spelled s-a-l-e-s. Motivation, willpower and the like are temporary assistance at best. Being physically strong so you can maintain physical activity is only truly helpful when it is sustainable.

In peoples minds “getting in shape” almost means becoming a different person. This can be intimidating and easy to give up on. The truth is if you adopt the idea of not selling yourself short the new you is actually the real you, the version of you that isn’t sluggish or suffering from low motivation.

Long term success usually starts in the muscles but ends in the heart of your personal outlook. Real exercise and eating better isn’t easy but your body deserves it. Being physically fit is little more than a dream for most people because it all hinges on “stick-to-itiveness”

The simple truth is:

Getting and staying in shape means your weekly workout, watching what you eat, resting well and staying active is…non-negotiable.

Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney

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