Fat Fitness and Fact part 6 Conclusion

Body composition is very individual and water levels, organ size, bone density, intra cellular fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, muscle quality and distribution make it tough to measure. You need to be realistic and understand that you see and even feel very little of what is actually going on with you.

We promote paying attention to yourself closely for all the reasons listed above. We suggest your focus be on muscle gain first and fat loss second. Always pushing to build and keep muscle requires energy, nutrients, proper exercise and regular activity as well as quality rest.

Focusing primarily on losing fat can lead far too quickly to constant restriction of nutrients and is destructive. Your fitness should center on lean mass. This is where your strength is. This is where your endurance, agility, functionality, and longevity flow from. Active energetic muscles, healthy connective tissue and strong bones are key.

So called cardio exercise does tax muscles but pales in comparison to heavier more intense resistance training practices. Eating clean is smart however if you lack muscle you simply can’t move many calories. Even a semi sedentary individual can easily live on what amounts to basically a starvation level diet but not with any quality of life especially over the long term.


Muscle is the strength to move and live. The more you have the better your body composition is period.

Be well, be strong and share if you care to,

Andrew and Tierney

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