Vital Signs!

This is simply too positive not to blog about, in fact for 2018 it is even more encouraging to us than this summers expansion of our studio. The medical world is exactly that primarily based in medicine. This see’s medicine saving lives but slow to adopt non-medicine based solutions let alone the sensibility of *pre-hab.

Those familiar with us know we promote Dr. McGuff’s book ‘Body by Science’ and recently he discussed a little glimmer of hope. This hope centres around a Canadian medical journal and the call to make muscle mass a specific vital sign in the proper measurement of human health.

Check it out:

Dr. McGuff has long been a strong proponent of fighting **sarcopenia and promoting a safe, science based approach to exercise. It is our sincere wish that 2019 see’s an ever-growing understanding that health and thus a happy life starts and ends with strength.

There is no reason for the amount of out of shape people we see in the modern world except for a gross lack of understanding of evidence based exercise. Disease and fading into frailty can be dramatically reduced and in most cases abolished by adopting a ‘Body by Science’ lifestyle.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

* Pre-rehabilitation: a proactive approach to protecting and preserving your health.


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