Review is always positive

We like full disclosure, it makes spending our personal training fees and sleeping at night easier. Let us be frank, this year we became even more sure of ourselves, some might even say somewhat ‘cocky’. We expanded and upgraded our facilities and accomplished our personal goals in sport. Our client rosters are both robust in size and full of consistent and committed clients.

The fact remains that all that we do and all that we love comes from a foundation of science. No matter how good results may seem honest review is always a fundamental necessity. We have gotten truly busy and sometimes ‘shoot from the hip’ or ‘call them as we see them’ because this is all time will permit.

What we want to be sure of is that we aren’t too judgemental of potential clients and/or have we expected too much from clients?


Our clients need us because they need to exercise with honest intensity and stay safe while doing it. They need to not only be directed but encouraged not to back away from the fire of change. On top of this we run a tight ship and sessions are regarded as any important medical appointment. Consistency and effort are the keys to results. Alas life, self doubt and unforeseen problems always crop up but we are paid to keep our clients moving forward and on point.

We see much of the personal training world letting the fluctuating feelings of their clients dictate their workouts. This is done because it is an easier way to make a buck and promote popularity. We just can’t feel ethical about this and often have to be stern even stubborn in what we ask of our clients. Now would we call this tough love or just being a hardnose? Bottom line is our clients won’t ever gain self-respect or self-confidence taking the easy path.


We have little doubt we are good trainers as our knowledge and experience is vast and we never stop learning. Coaching, as in translating our expertise to different individuals, is a whole matter of its own. It is our hope that we can continually improve in this regard as long as it never means watering down the workouts. One of our goals for 2019 is to complete a book meant to be an exposé on personal training. As we work on this we will be heavily introspective as we look to provide the public with some real fitness disclosure.

So here is to enjoying your triumphs and learning from your shortcomings. Let the new year overflow with action and achievement without ever compromising your standards.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


2 Replies to “Review is always positive”

  1. moe chartrand says:

    Hello Andrew and Tierney

    This was a great blog and I CCed Rick because I beleive he will benefit from adopting or at least considering your philosophy.

    Doreen and I look forward to coming back to your studio. I’m happy to say that when I workout, Andrew’s voice is always in my head urging me on. I’m also benefiting from being Rick’s practice student.

    Happy New Year. Maurice (Moe) Cell 613-292-7281


  2. says:

    Hey Sir, best of the season to you both ! It’s interesting that for years we thought learning the best way to exercise was the tough part but in time it is the coaching which proves most important. The translating to each different person.

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