Movement that doesn’t Matter 7 & 8

Now that we are well into this static holds only study/story Michel is trying some more challenging sets.  We are now using holds for the core (spine, psoas, abs, obliques, deep hip musculature) unilateral holds and holds which transition from one position to another with no rest break between.

Holding weight instead of moving the weight has made it easier to see where Michel’s posture needs work. When moving it is easy to cover up curvature of the spine and pronation of the shoulders. With the holds as Michel gets muscular fatigue the imbalances show through which makes them straightforward to address.

These two sessions we stayed away from legs and focused on core and upper body. As mentioned in a previous post Michel’s leg strength is ahead of his upper body hence the extra time spent on muscles from the waist up.

We are pleased with the results of this type of exercise thus far and will continue for at least 4 more weeks then reassess. During this next phase we will be increasing most of Michel’s weights by approximately 20%. He is comfortable with the technique and we are confident the heightened overload will be well received by his system in general.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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