Movement that doesn’t Matter sessions 5 & 6

Now that we are well in the swing of ‘static hold only’ workouts we are turning up the heat a bit. Michel is already training with heavier weights and having zero issues breathing freely while holding.

Both these sessions were less than 30 minutes as the statics are continuous high tension and high loads. This compared with regular up and down reps and lighter loads requires a bit of a reduction in total workout time. Believe it or not even without movement the workouts are intense enough to drain you in 2/3 the time of a regular workout.

Workout 5 stayed with on/off’s 5 second hold – 5 second rest and repeat to full fatigue. The seated exercise after leg press is kettlebell side holds and finishing with a shrug hold.

In that Michel is comfortable with the technique we have added more challenging exercises (skill wise). With the 6th session we ramped right up to long holds meaning no rest breaks just one big tough hold then on to the next set.

Workout 6 we hit neck first and upper body in general. The one arm dumbbell hold and pulldown hold was performed dumbbell hold directly into the pulldown hold (left side then right side).

Michel is progressing well in his arms but still lagging in shoulders. This tells us we need to find a better shoulder exercise to perform the holds with something he can feel confident to squeeze his shoulders harder during. It may be that with most shoulder moves you are in a position where as you fatigue the weight drops and it is natural not to want to drop something help by your shoulders (feels dangerous). When trying to stimulate a weak trait you need to be in a confident position.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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