You were paid forward.

You have a huge advantage living in 2016, as complex and crazy as our times can often seem there are fundamentals to tap into. As we promote our *latest technological offering to clients ( we need to take time to pay respect where respect is due.

Our parents and their parents have made it possible for you to have the time and budget to utilize preventative medicine. Freedom from toil provides you the opportunity to enjoy stress relieving rather than stress creating activity. You need not scrape and struggle for calories and you can easily find professional assistance with regards to anti-aging exercise as well as non drug, non surgery – non invasive physical therapy.

While it is sad to see those over 60 on average taking 1 or more drugs for health they have also provided the research foundation for therapies without side-effects. It is tough to see our elders succumb to weakness and then surgery and a crippled life but they have paved the road for a sophistication in exercise science to prevent such.


We suggest an attitude of gratitude fuelled by taking personal responsibility, utilizing modern tech and convenience and staying strong if not becoming stronger. This is what we think and feel our parents and predecessors honestly wanted… for us to feel less weakness and pain and experience more energy and abundance.

Be well – be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


* At our clinic we have brought together scientifically sound repair and recovery tech. The foundation is the Swiss made, heavily researched and tested iMRS (pulsed magnetic resonance):

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