The Recovery Room


At our clinic we have brought together some of the best repair and recover technology to be found in Ottawa. The foundation is the Swiss made, heavily researched and tested iMRS/PEMF (pulsed magnetic field therapy). Along with a few other devices including far-infrared tissue heat relaxation we have created a ‘recovery bed’. Accelerated healing has uses from strains to chronic pain, low energy and stress burnout. The effect brings together many physical therapeutics treatments in a non invasive fast working system.


stop the effects of stress – increase energy and strength – reduce pain


The catalog of uses are too numerous to list but include everything from skin conditions like acne to serious digestion problems. Additionally, the recovery room is a perfect adjunct for our other services dramatically enhancing our strength centric exercise and weight correction work. The recovery room is a dollar a minute for existing personal training and weight loss/wellness clients with an average session being 20-30 minutes. Single sessions are 45.00 per.

Skeptical? Due diligence:

I feel pulsed electromagnetic therapy may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.”
– Dr. David Williams, Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual – (March 2004)

“Lying on the magnetic field helps the overexerted muscles and tissues to recover more quickly. We studied the effect and both the lab results and the athletes themselves confirmed that the capacity for regeneration improved.”
– Dr. Beat Villiger, Manager of the Swiss Olympic Medical Team

“A wide variety of challenging musculoskeletal disorders has been treated successfully over the past two decades. These include nerve regeneration, wound healing, graft behavior, diabetes, and myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke), among other conditions. Preliminary data even suggest possible benefits in controlling malignancy. (Cancer)”

Dr. Andrew Bassett, M.D. researcher at the Bioelectric Research Center of Columbia University 

“Pulsating magnetic fields can increase the rate of learning and memory retention.”
– Dr.Ross Ade President-Veteran admilistration Hospital.U.S.A

“Pulsating field magneto-therapy will help resolve clinical, sport and space medicine problems . improves cardiovascular. nervous, allergic and other diseases. wounds heal faster and mental and physical strains disappear.”
– Dr.Alexnader Obrosov Member USSR Academy of medical sciences

“PEMF treatment in un-united fractures and failed Arthrodeses shows that in 1078 cases treated a success of 77% was achieved a higher percentage of theses would have gone for amputation otherwise.”
– Dr. C.A.L.Besset New York Orthopedic Hospital.New York

“Over 10.000 people treated with PMF therapy are happy to be helped today. Oxygen intake increases 25-27% in spertsmen.over 30% in normal persons. For sick men it is much more”
– Dr.lvan trong Sweden

“This idea of manipulating cellular activity with magnetically induced electrical currents is looking like one of the hottest new fields around.”

– Andy Bassett, MD on the future of PEMF, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies


NASA Study CHIEF INVESTIGATOR: Thomas J. Goodwin, Ph.D. Lynden B Johnson Space Center

(NASA 4-year collaborative study on the efficacy of electromagnetic fields to stimulate growth and repair in mammalian tissues)

The up-regulation of these genes is in no manner marginal (1.7-8.4 logs) with gene sites for collagen production and growth the most actively stimulated.” 
“We have clearly demonstrated the bioelectric/biochemical potentiation of nerve stimulation and restoration in humans as a documented reality”.
“The most effective electromagnetic field for repair of trauma was square wave with a rapid rate of change (dB/dt) which saw cell growth increased up to 4.0 times.”

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