Your body is like an egg, strong in its way ( when pressed end for end) but delicate and conservative in design as well. It is the product of eons of perfection save for one aspect…it isn’t built to last. This is how evolution works, if you last your genetics are favoured and spread, if you don’t you are minimized in the gene pool.


Evolution must operate this way because of ever-changing and unpredictable conditions of nature. Those suited for the changes proliferate those who don’t go extinct. This harsh set-up has one small but amazing exception – you can adapt. You can develop callous on your palms to protect them from friction, you get use to colder or warmer conditions over time. Your skin darkens to protect from the sun’s rays and even your internal body will adjust to live on almost any diet and any energy source.


This is how exercise works, it taps into your ability to self repair and adapt. Real and proper exercise repairs daily, weekly, monthly damage and it strengthens your ability to protect against all the different stressors in your life.

If you just spend all your efforts on avoiding and lessening stress all that happens is you weaken and your shell thins and becomes brittle. If you want to live…really live as well as last, exercise – real strength based, short duration, highly challenging (but safe) exercise will keep you from frying, burning up and out.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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