Strong by…sometime?


As we began our ‘strong by summer’ campaign we were once again reminded of being the sandwich generation. In this case, sandwiched between young people with carb/sugar rich diets and sedentary lives and older adults with the same.

The older generation has been subjected to a radical change in lifestyle during the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. The result we see in our parents is pharmacological dependence and body weakness which progresses quickly and in a crippling manner. The younger generation simply live in this new world with next to nothing in place to help them regulate physical fitness and health.


Our in-between age group is faced with several dilemmas not the least of which is our own future. If you are in the middle and you already have physical fitness issues you can only imagine where you will be at your parents age judging by their present situation.

We know we just sound preachy and have a vested interest but consider we see this up close and work with all these generations on a daily basis.


So first the bad news – medical care in Canada is being cut especially orthopaedic surgeries and physio as well as chiropractic was already cut. We saw it coming and predicted it a decade ago. Our new prediction? Insurance premiums will skyrocket for drugs and physical therapy while orthopaedic device sales will boom. Brain and muscle destroying statins and strength debilitating bone density drugs with become ever more expensive and exposed. Mood management, hormone replacement and pain relief pharmaceuticals will reveal their long term side effects and newer triple expensive solutions will be touted as the answer.


It is coming, the statistics are already there so what is the good news? First off the knowledge of how to achieve more than superficial benefit from fitness is thankfully starting to emerge. Moreover, our ‘modern living conditions’ do allow for the time and resources for an effective fitness program. This time can be used or not but at least the opportunity exists.


Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney


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