One in Seven


…and on the 7th day he AND she exercised. Yes everyone is oh so busy but anyone in the know – knows you don’t find time for a priority, you make it or it isn’t actually a priority.

The good but little known news (at least less known to north americans) is once a week exercise actually works. While it is smart to stay active the actual life changing benefits of exercise are built in minutes not hours.


Without boring you with jargon the basic facts are: it is those rare moments where you really push it which make the difference. It isn’t all that action and movement you can already handle which stimulates real change it is the brief moments when you push the envelope.


If you carefully stack just those maximum moments together you have a workout which is all quality but schedule wise only amounts to about 30-45 minutes a week. The result is more energy and more time to have physical fun rather than forced physical exercise. Furthermore the health protection elements come from staying consistent.


Similar to a crash diet you can make superficial changes with a short period of over exercising but at what cost? Metabolism can be damaged, soft tissue injured and wasted away. Staying consistent while not overdoing it is easy with quick, quality exercise.

The take home – exercise briefly, regularly and with intense quality.

Be well,

Andrew and Tierney


2 Replies to “One in Seven”

  1. Greg Roseman says:

    Andrew, one of your best posts yet. You sum up intensity, volume, and frequency in plain speak.

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