One-Two-Three…Happy Anni-ver-sary!

When we left long-standing, well-filled rosters working for Prescribed Exercise Clinic in Kingston to hang out a shingle in Ottawa – with no clients, no real prospects and no real money…all questions focused on why and the how was barely a consideration. As we pass through the anniversary of our first year it is interesting to see how our small success mirrors the same 3 points keenly relative to our WeFit process of getting in shape.


Making a big personal change goes through 3 tricky levels. First is the one where most people fail and that is simply how to go from wanting to, to actually starting. Next you have the basic stage of ‘oh-my-gawd I’ve jumped in now how do I swim’? Finally, how is it possible to keep the ball rolling and not backslide or lose most of the gains?

(To jump to the bonus 'tricks of the trade' video just scroll to the bottom...maybe return to read at some point ;n)

Here is how we did it as reflected in building a business:


1. You must make it real which means you have to make a real move. For us this was the meme ‘Ottawa 2014’ simply made real by little but potent gestures like this now well worn shirt which T made for A (pictured above). The saying goes “through the lips of finger tips to make it real”. This sounds easy but it isn’t. When you make real physical gestures committing to what you want it has a remarkable even slightly disconcerting effect which drives action.


2. Make professional strategic alliances. This is best described as a level above a ‘support system’. For us it was referral engines not the least of which was joining and participating actively in our Westboro chapter of BNI ( Professionals from varied backgrounds who you get to know and trust. If it is really important and you can be honest and admit it is really tough to do, then you search out and commit to solid strategic alliances. DIY-ing is for crafts, small projects and fun not for serious life changes.

FullSizeRender (24)

3. Perhaps the easiest to underestimate – consistency, consistency…consistency. We have had honest, solid success not because of talent, luck, smarts etc. We stick to a plan, let ourselves learn as we go and just keep going. No dabbling, no constantly changing plans just making commitments and meeting them one foot in front of the other. 

The fact is the joy actually is in the process but it doesn’t feel processed because in the end you have your alliances and perhaps some family and friends to thank and share with. Our clients teach us as much as we teach them. It is fundamentally just a decision you don’t go back on and then the adventure of the journey unfolds.

Here is to life giving change and another year of growth for us all!

Be Well,

Andrew and Tierney


IMG_1819 (1)IMG_1822

Little Miss business...and 'the talent'.

Bonus training video ‘Tricks of the Trade’. The first 4 exercises are excellent for developing maybe the most important aspect of managing stress and maximizing athletic ability.

Exercises 6 and 7 address the limits and false sense of boredom often felt around machine training. Audio commentary/explanation is included.


6 Replies to “One-Two-Three…Happy Anni-ver-sary!”

  1. Jennifer Stiell says:

    Happy Anniversary! Good job.

  2. Deborah Steacy says:

    Happy Anniversary! You two deserve it!

  3. authenticman says:

    Thank you Andrew and Tierney for the difference you have made in improving my life and in the lives of my family. Congrats on the first year and wishing you abundance for year two and beyond

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