Lack of fitness and chronic disease

Being out of shape means you are sick and suffering from a disease. Understanding fitness as maintaining a “health baseline” with reasonable nutrition, sleep and weekly exercise is the medical viewpoint we need.

Because modern living sees people lose basic strength, endurance and flexibility as early as their 20’s the problem is acute. Being out of shape meets all the criteria and definitions of being sick and afflicted with a disease.

Now consider how being out of shape makes you more vulnerable to such things as viruses and you start to see the greater picture. Lack of fitness means you risk compounding disease on top of disease. The results of this piling on effect is exactly what we see in society. Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, repeat infections, super high cancer rates etc.

The overwhelming amount of sleep disorders, over eating and weakness from a physically easy lifestyle represent what we call “Unfit-23” disease. Think we’re exaggerating or being coy? Think again and check out statistics on co-morbidities.

Understanding Unfit-23 as a serious illness may be one of the ways to relieve burden on our healthcare systems. We need a change in medical assessment to get ahead of this as it has clearly become an epidemic.

Be well, be strong, fight unfit-23,

Andrew and Tierney

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