Chronic Resting…

This is an odd condition which has almost become the norm. People feel a constant low level sense of being tired and they feel encouraged to rest. The sedentary nature of resting leads to a continued if not greater sense of fatigue (reduced lymphatic drainage and blood oxygen levels etc)

Stress physiology is often counterintuitive because it’s about balance. Little things add up over time and left unchecked you begin to experience burnout. The answer is not shutting down but:

“purpose fuelled rest”

The key to dealing with burnout is to physically stimulate your system at a high level so that it can rest deeply rather than superficially. Regular bouts of intense highly stimulating exercise will create a subsequent mellow state and allow deeper healthier rest and sleep especially with practice.

Resting is only useful if you have done something truly draining – regular healthy drain is a huge part of health. When your stress levels are problematic it is a lack of balance not simply and overload (even though it can feel that way). You cannot escape burnout you must face it and work your way out of it.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “Chronic Resting…”

  1. Greg roseman says:

    What would you consider retgular bouts of intense exercise? How often?

    • says:

      Our recommendation is lifting weights with good form and little rest between sets once or twice a week. About 45 minutes of strength training. The sets should be careful and deliberate avoiding cheating and not stopping each set until the weight won’t move without cheating one’s form. Most works will go 6-8 sets in a row constantly working then a short rest and another 6-8 sets and you’re done! It is folks who have very sedentary jobs who benefit most from a second workout per week.

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