Time to Brag

I have maintained my strength since I discovered I was weak as a kid. I slowly learned how a below average non-athletic fellow could stay fit. And I’ve stayed fit to this day. Now at 55 years young I still feel like a kid. Plenty to learn and plenty of strength to drive my curiosity.

55 years young.

There’s no such thing as super health and the majority of people are not gifted athletically. The magic of strength is sustained health and energy through the years. It’s not about a quick superficial fix. It’s not just about how you look.

Being in shape isn’t about trying to be someone and something you’re not. It’s about preserving who you are.”

You can be a strong, engaged and non-reluctant you. Strength and being in shape is a choice nothing more…nothing less.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

P.S. Before you assume I don’t know what it’s like to battle one’s weight see picture below. That’s me in my early 30’s working out 7 days a week before I fully understood exercise physiology. Despite my best efforts I was carrying almost 30 excess pounds of body fat.

2 Replies to “Time to Brag”

  1. Michael Lee says:

    Wish I had seen this and were connected to you and your site when I was a few years younger but at almost 83 if I get out of bed and get my breakfast the rest of the day is easy just doing nothing (Which is wrong I Know)

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