Your muscles when working produce myokines. Myokines allow muscle to communicate with many other tissues in our body. For example, the receptors of myokines are found in fat, liver, pancreas, bone, heart, immune, and brain cells. Myokines are responsible for tissue regeneration and repair, maintaining healthy bodily functioning, and cell signaling.

Myokine producing srength training has a huge impact on overall health and function in ways we are just finding out. A significant example is in relation to insulin sensitivity [ ]. If we know anything we know that insulin sensitivity control is paramount to health and wellness.

Check out these two quick videos for a great overview of the muscle/myokine relationship:

Mike Lipowski – Myokines and working out. [ ]

Dr McGuff – Myokines and your immune system. [ ]

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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