Get the heck to bed!

Sleeping doesn’t get the play in modern media that diet and exercise does. Everyone wants to know what they should eat and what the best form of exercise is but sleeping…a full third of your life, is considered almost as an afterthought.

When you are tired you will naturally be hungry as your body tries to deal with the energy deficit. This makes avoiding overeating more difficult. As well in order to enjoy the benefits of exercise you absolutely have to sleep well. Rest periods are literally when your body adapts to the stimulation of a workout. Sleep is the prime time to grow stronger and more enduring.

Another obvious but worth addressing issue is your life activity in general. Physical, mental and emotional activity (good and bad stress) are what erode your health over time. Your sleep period is when important repair happens and must be adequate to avoid disease.

Look into sleep hygiene, it’s not as flashy as other aspects of fitness but it has huge impact on your quality of living. Take getting to bed a bit earlier seriously and be honest with yourself in prioritizing your recharging cycle.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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