What a waste! (part 3)

What will be the real and practical route to living longer? What are the most important pieces of living an enjoyable and engaged life in our 60’s 70’s 80’s and yes 90’s?

As we said in part 2 sure the strong survive but the real key behind it all is human adaptation. If living conditions dramatically changed for early humans those who adapted the best survived. Over eons evolution favoured the “adaptable”.

Adaptation can be seen in simple forms like thicker, stronger skin on the palms of your hands so you don’t blister during yard work. If you give your hands time they protect themselves. Modern medicine is just putting a glove on everything and it’s often not appropriate and promotes frailty. Medicine too often offers immediate comfort in exchange for accelerated weakening and muscle wasting.

So yes you may have guessed it, the key to living better – longer is challenging yourself and switching on the adaptation ability of your body. Force your brain and body to be temporarily uncomfortable on a regular basis. Challenge your muscles and all their supportive sub-systems (organs, bones etc) so they continually refortify. Certainly eat and rest well but give yourself a real reason to eat and rest. Bottom line:

“Stimulate to regenerate”

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

Please share if possible, we’re a “mom and pop” outfit with finite resources but this message is seriously important.

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  1. […] see the strong do survive but not exactly how you may think. In the final instalment (part 3: https://wefit.ca/2022/09/05/what-a-waste-part-3/) we will explain the missing […]

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