Food Shaming | Fat Shaming?!

As with the video below the idea of fat shaming and food shaming is gathering support but is it helpful or accurate?

There is certainly stigma around body image and orthorexia [] is an all to real problem. The issue here is the same one the entire industry of fitness has always suffered from.

In a rush to get attention and money, basic sound tenants of health are stolen and manipulated for personal gain. The results are the promotion of anti-science and the final outcome is always the same:

“The epidemic of obesity and poor physical fitness continues to destroy basic general health.”

Spoiled food is not food, it’s “gone bad” is a euphemism. Poison/Poisoned food is not food it is poison. Allergens/allergies are human autoimmune disorders not food issues [i.e. peanuts are not poison].

Moralizing science always leads to harm…period. Eating junk food everyday especially in quantity will destroy your health and shorten your lifespan. Lowering the bar of the “standard of health” is not a compassionate solution.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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