What a waste! (part 2)

We tend to consider our lives and aging like going to a social gathering. Have some fun, fraternize with some interesting people then let modern medicine clean up the dishes and sweep up the garbage. It’s seems practical and mature (accept your lot and age gracefully) but it’s nothing more than an old convention…and old myth.

Your human body does wear down but there is a incredibly wide range you can exist in. Typically evolution just favoured those genetics left standing after the stress of life beat on a humans body for a few decades. Technologically we have moved well beyond evolution in so many ways, why not aging and more to the point why not aging well?

You see the strong do survive but not exactly how you may think. In the final instalment (part 3: https://wefit.ca/2022/09/05/what-a-waste-part-3/) we will explain the missing link.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

Please share if possible, we’re a “mom and pop” outfit with finite resources but this message is seriously important.

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  1. […] The average point of view is humans just weren’t designed to live effectively past say 100 tops. It’s simply not true but there’s a more important point we are going to address in part 2: https://wefit.ca/2022/09/05/what-a-waste-part-2/ […]

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