What a waste! (part 1)

“We’re living longer now and that’s why we see so much disease in seniors”. This is a common sentiment…and it’s not backed by science.

Medicine is keeping frail, disease riddled people alive a little longer sure but it is more that younger people die less often. That is what makes it look like we are living far longer. More people live to become a senior and drugs stave off the end for a while. Thus more people reach 85 but the few who could naturally reach 95 are not hitting 105.

It’s a misuse of statistics. Happenstance accidents and disease afflicts the young less so more live to their 80’s but do they really live? If prehistoric humans lived to their 40’s why, with all our exponential advancements, haven’t we tripled that and see 120 as common place?

The average point of view is humans just weren’t designed to live effectively past say 100 tops. It’s simply not true but there’s a more important point we are going to address in part 2: https://wefit.ca/2022/09/05/what-a-waste-part-2/

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

Please share if possible, we’re a “mom and pop” outfit with finite resources but this message is seriously important.

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