Is this ok?

We have received some questions and “comments” in regards to T’s recent return to the stage. The radical nature of fitness competition is uncommon enough to shall we say “raise eyebrows”.

This is easy to address with two simple points:

1. T is drug free so she isn’t this sharp year round, her primary goal is development (strength and symmetry) which requires quality nutrition. Thus being that lean is mostly seen during “peak week”.

2. The average person is far more out of shape than they know. If most folks look sort of like you more or less how can you accurately judge? When an average client of ours works hard they get fit. T is already fit and when she works hard she gets ripped….simple as that.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “Is this ok?”

  1. Mike Courneya says:

    Tierney, your hard work a dedication are truly inspiring! You make us proud to be part of the “WEFIT – community!

  2. says:

    Thank you kindly!

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