Who is to blame?!

A natural roadblock to getting in shape is wondering what the heck went wrong. One day you were ok and next thing you know the fitness laundry has piled up.

When trying to change and correct a problem there is a tendency to hyper focus on the cause. It’s as if you’ll find the magic answers to your problem if you can get to the root cause.

The fact is there is never a single cause nor is any thing or person “to blame”. Human physiology has many moving parts and things simply add up over time. Furthermore, trying to pin blame on something when you have fitness failures is unproductive.

Change is very awkward at first (even the first couple of years). You only slow down the transition by looking backwards and down on things (especially looking down on yourself). Take a professional opinion on this:

Identifying triggers and such is pop culture fluff, you need new sustainable habits to get in shape…end of story”

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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