In that the entire purpose of strength training exercise is to stimulate a strong immunological response we have some experience with the subject.

When you place your muscles under high tension with weights and exercise until temporarily tired, you initiate messaging to your body. The message is to repair and repair stronger/more enduring than before.

At our studio we take full advantage of this physiological phenomena. We see that when this stimulus is applied in a precise manner the outcome is remarkable. Your entire body from the bones to the immune system becomes fortified and resilient.

There are two main components to the health of your immune system function. The first is a robust “responsiveness” and the second is a strong “super-structure” (bones, muscles etc). When the structure of your body is strong you handle all stress far better and thus reduce burden on your immune system.

You can improve your immune system by using a dose/response approach to strength exercise and the results of your bodies response help protect your immune system from excess stress…literally lightening the load of life stress!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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