Fight Boredom-Winter Workout!

It is tough at times to find motivation to get in a weekly workout. While we have been locked down home sessions make sense but honestly they become less attractive by the week.

Having been reading extensively on cold therapy as of late we thought what the heck this might jump start the motivation motor. If anything it’s fun to find out how it will affect a standard session.

The day was -20 Celsius with a chill factor of -29.

The most standout issue was more brain freeze than body. In fact on a couple of occasions the dumbbells were set at two different weights but went unnoticed. In all it was a fair challenge to maintain safe form but the conditions proved very invigorating. There was definitely a full body fizzy percolating type of effect with a significant workout high afterwards.

Be well, be strong….stay frosty!

Andrew and Tierney

See another free and easy to follow home workout on our home page (includes rep/set recommendations) :

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