Reality Fix

An essential amount of what you are is what you have repeatedly done. We have evolved to benefit from “repeat mode”. For better or worse habit is a potent force. It’s natural so you might as well take to the drivers seat with yours.

There is a saying “choose your habits or they choose you”. We would nuance it to suggest you sculpt your habits. What you can maintain short-term is quite different than long-term. A realistic rate of change is the essence of new habits.

Here is an accidental secret:

When you get into the habit of being less active with exercise and more active with food it doesn’t happen all at once. It creeps up over time. The same goes for getting fit and healthy. You add in organization. You change from food to nutrition and “when I feel like it” to exercise as a weekly appointment. Time alone cements these new behaviours into habit.

Improved habits aren’t about quitting being you, they’re about adding to you so you can do and be more.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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2 Replies to “Reality Fix”

  1. Michael Paul Courneya says:

    Great post … I need this reminder every once in a while … thank you!

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