Got A Minute?

In lockdown we still get our homework done.

We use to blog about training too fast but describing momentum and impact forces never seemed to translate. Even the old hop up and down on the bathroom scale didn’t seem to make the point.

A good point to make though is how effective a slow repetition and even slower set can be. Try push-ups counting 10 full seconds down and 10 full seconds up to feel what we are saying. Very effective and zero cheating through any of the NROM (natural range of motion).

Chin-ups are are great exercise and every now and again it is good to try a 30/30 rep to make sure you haven’t gotten weak in any of your NROM.

See a free and easy to follow home workout on our home page (includes rep/set recommendations) :

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

4 Replies to “Got A Minute?”

  1. Awesome…I am not worthy

  2. Mike Courneya says:

    Great article … thanks!

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