Curling may seem as mildly obscure as our once a week exercise program is but that’s ok they’re both underestimated for the lack of bells and whistles. Curling actually is Canada’s second biggest winter sport just behind hockey of course with over a thousand clubs across the country. Our ‘Body by Science’ based exercise not so much with maybe twenty Canuck locations at best.

The fun cross over between the two is a clear understanding and respect for strength. The old image of paunchy out of shape curlers has faded and we hope it is at least in a small way a message and inspiration to the general public.


Having several curling lovers as personal training clients we have been exposed to the strong world of the sport of rock swinging and sweeping and it is encouraging for us to see. Curlers, especially professional ones, have discovered the simple truth that strong muscles do wonders for athletic performance. Strength gives you body control and consistency even hours into a competition… and strength makes you want to play!


Really nice to see that a good old fashion sport has embraced a good old fashion approach to being fit. Hurry hard to your local strength centric training facility and build a proper house of health!


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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