Reality Check

Have you heard the term “sour grapes”? It’s the reason we haven’t been harder on our government healthcare experts. No one is going to listen to a couple of personal trainers because their gym is shut down. We’d be written off as sore losers.

The fact that now, almost two years into the world strife, fitness facilities are once again shut down may be an eye opener. If health and wellbeing IS the priority then why don’t gyms simply check rapid tests for admission?

When you review the data on health status and co-morbidity in poor disease outcomes it’s painfully obvious that your government has turned a blind eye.

The proper protection of our population is three fold:

1. Basic health condition of the population (fitness).

2. Treatment (triage, medicine, rehabilitation)

3. Prophylaxis’s (avoidance of occurrence – transmission and reproduction).

Everything has been gambled on number 3 – we are here to tell you when you build a house on a weak foundation it’s collapse is inevitable.

Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney

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