Get Wise 2022

The average adult is on 2 or more medications, over 65 that doubles. Blood pressure, bone density, mood control, thyroid control, cholesterol, pain relievers…. The miracle of medicine has become a mess of dependence. We invented life saving measures but seem to have all but ignored health preservation.

People tend to think “exercise as medicine” is exaggerated because they aren’t familiar with pro-active/before disease medical guidance. The strength…of strength exercise has been sadly underestimated. Things that reduce and protect you from stress are medicinal by definition.

Keeping your body in shape through strength, nutrition, regular activity and sleep hygiene is medicine. Customized (prescription like) amounts, formats and applications of these are health enhancing and life saving, just like traditional medicine…minus the side effects.

Get wise, get strong – have a happier New Year.

Andrew and Tierney

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