How we cope…

In trying times there is a secondary issue which comes up over time – the stress of the same type of problems you thought you had dealt with coming up repeatedly. This often leads to a sort of nervous burnout. Sometimes it isn’t even noticed until it gets severe.

Coping is interesting because you can put up a good fight with a good attitude but if you work too hard short-term you run out of ability long-term. What appears to be a solid coping strategy in the moment may backfire in the larger picture.

For us our approach to exercise has carried over well to coping with today’s global situation. We have always been offsetting the stress of life through staying strong in a sustainable manner. The result, emotionally and mentally, is that of always being prepared for the next obstacle. In fact it generates an enjoyment and satisfaction in completing obstacles which makes coping all the easier.

Life is challenging and removing the challenge isn’t always an effective lifestyle choice. You can and should have a strong voice in deciding your fate.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “How we cope…”

  1. Greg Roseman says:

    Andrew, how often do you workout, how long do they last ?

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    • says:

      I still cycle it so once a week for long stretches then ramp up for a week or two then complete layoff and back to once a week. I can maintain easily and even make progress on once a week. Yourself?

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