It is satisfying for us to point out that two synonyms for prepared are literally “work out” and “get in shape”. While somewhat metaphorical it highlights an important point.

People are always trying to “get” something if they’re going to bother to exercise. They want to look better and feel better and as soon as possible. It often gets overlooked that if you put aside this damage control or fast food mentality you discover something important.

Life doesn’t make promises and history makes it obvious that difficulty is a common state. Developing a sustainable way to create and maintain your strength and stamina just makes simple good sense. Your ability to avoid danger is literally depending on it.

Fitness is self-defense for life and your quality of life matters because time, as the song says, keeps on slipping….into the future. Have a look at our FREE WeFit home workout right here:

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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