The Secret Formula?!

The single most important tenet of exercise science is the ability to maintain. It is simply the most common downfall of all exercise science application.

The actual health benefits of being in shape come from staying…in shape. Though few bother to get in shape in the first place even fewer stay that way. How to get in shape is not nearly as important has how to make it stick.

What is our WeFit personal training magic formula? While it’s not just smoke and mirrors it is more sport psychology wizardry than anything. You relax about micro managing and invest in forward momentum. Stop looking down or distracted to the sides and lift your head up and look to the horizon.

It sounds a bit ethereal and is best summed up as:

“Just keep moving, don’t stop moving”

You know most of what you need to do – get out of your own way.

Be well, be active,

Andrew and Tierney

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